Carmel Weather Station

The personal weather station of Professor Robert Moore, based in Carmel, North Wales, as featured on ITV’s “Coast & Country”.



Me & My Weather Station

Current Weather

Current Observations & Today’s Highs & Lows


In 2001 I retired from the Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology in the University of Liverpool and now live in Carmel (near Holywell) in North Wales and continue with my research and writing.

I am married with a son, daughter and four grandsons. My hobbies include gardening and photography – when I have the time.

I have always been deeply committed to the peace movement and to the struggle against racismin all its forms, I’m a member of the North Wales Regional Equality Network, a governor of two schools, Holywell High School and Ysgol Gwenffrwd.


I run a small weather station at which I also receive images from weather satellites, including the NOAA series of polar orbiting satellites. The NOAA19 image, right, was received on March 1st 2010 and shows much of northern UK under snow, with a front moving up the channel to bring snow to southern England.

The Meteosat-9 geostationary satellite gives an image of our hemisphere every 15 minutes (and there is a ‘rapid scan’ of Northern latitudes every 5 minutes from Meteosat-8). On the left you can see the image of Europe for noon on 15th July 2006 showing the UK and the near continent under clear summer skies. These false colour images were produced using David Taylor’s GeoSatSignal software.

My weather station is a good, old fashioned outdoor weather station where the observations are recorded at 1800 UTC daily. The barograph and Fortin barometer are situated indoors. Because of my occasional absences I also have a Davis Vantage Pro wireless weather station. The 1800 observations continue in the traditional way.

See also TORRO and The Group for Earth Observation


Current Observations

WindE at 0.0 mph
Barometer1018.1 mb & Steady
Wind Chill10.9°C

Today’s Highs/Lows

High Temperature18.4°C
Low Temperature8.8°C 5:38
High Humidity94% 1:19
Low Humidity43%16:24
High Dewpoint10.6°C13:47
Low Dewpoint5.0°C16:19
High Barometer1018.6hPa21:36
Low Barometer1013.2hPa 0:39
Low Wind Chill8.9°C 5:17


These images were created using Davis Vantage Pro2 weather software.

Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point & Wind Chill

Outside Temp Outside Humidity Dew Point Wind Chill

Wind Direction & Speed

Note that wind speeds and direction are unreliable from SW through S to E because of terrain effects at this station. Wind directions from this sector should be treated as station specific and not necessarily indicating local or regional conditions.

Wind Direction 10 min Average Wind Speed
Barometer Readings
Current Barometer Barometer History